This week I will be talking about ligaments, specifically the ligaments around the knee. Ligaments are very tough but flexible fibrous tissue they connect bone to bone or they attach bone to cartilage.

There are many different ligaments in the knee but the 2 ligaments i would like to talk about are the PCL and the ACL these are the ligaments that cross over in the middle of the knee.

PCL stands for Posterior Cruciate Ligament and it is located behind the knee and it connects the thigh bone (femur) to the shin bone (tibia). The job of the PCL is to stop the tibia from moving backwards and to prevent the tibia from twisting out. Injuries can result in swelling and pain in the calf region, you may also experience instability in the knee joint. Any injury that occurs to the PCL will have to be from a powerful force for example a front-on collision directly with your shin. Injuries to the PCL are less common as it is a much stronger ligament compared to the ACL.

The ACL stands for Anterior Cruciate Ligament. This ligament attaches to the front of the shin (tibia) and the back of the thigh bone (femur) . The ACL’s job is to stop the shin from sliding in front of the femur it also provides stability to the knee when the knee is rotating. An ACL injury is the most common injury when a client has knee pain. Common cause of ACL damage are stopping suddenly, landing from a jump incorrectly, changing direction quickly. This injury commonly occurs when playing sports. If you have any pain in your knees please book an appointment.

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