The muscle of the week this week is the Trapezius muscle. The Trapezius muscle connects from the occipital bone (just under the skull) and ends at the 12th Thoracic vertebra (T12). This muscle covers the upper back, neck and shoulders. The movement of the Trapezii muscles are elevation and depression (up and down movement) of the shoulder and rotation and retraction (backward motion) the shoulder blade.

Tension and pain is often felt along the top of the shoulders into the neck, this could be a result of Trapezius tightness associated with poor work posture or stress. During massage I can feel the knots and tension within these muscles in a lot of my patients. On one occasion the upper Trapezius muscle tension was the culprit in a patients chronic headaches.

One stretch that I recommend for the this muscle group is:

Bring your ear towards your shoulder and very gently add a slight increase in the side bending pressure using your hand. To make this more intense try to add resistance by lifting your head out of the side bending while resisting this motion with your hand by gently pushing downwards.

If you have tried the stretching and have addressed your work posture and you still have tense shoulders you may need a massage! Please use the booking form below and book an appointment.

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