This week’s muscle is the Erector Spinae.

The Erector Spinae is a large muscle that originates near the Sacrum (near the base of the spine) and extends up the length of the back. It is located on both sides of the vertebrae and extends along the Lumber, Thoracic and the Cervical sections of the spine.

The Erector Spinae consists of three columns of muscles that all run vertically up the spinal column. The Iliocostalis, Longissmius and Spinalis.

The movements that the Erector Spinae performs are extension of the spine (leaning back), Lateral Flexion of the spine (side-bending) and it maintains the curvature of the spine.

If you have pain along the spine this could be due to the muscles being tight. This tightness could be from bending at the torso and lifting from the torso and not from the knees. There are some stretches that can help.

Start by having your knees together on the floor and sit on your heels. then put your chin to your knees and then place your arms out in front of you, if you do Yoga this is also known as the child’s pose.

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